Procedures and Virginia Law

Our Procedure

  • Submit your information through our encrypted form, telephone or fax.
  • We’ll review your situation and necessary documents.
  • You will need to submit your payment online, by check or cash.
  • We’ll prepare the documentation and upon your signing them, will file them with the court.
  • Documents may be signed at the first meeting or by mail with proof of identity.

Your case will be personally handled by experienced attorneys with a high level of knowledge of the complexities of divorce law, to protect your interests. In using our service you obtain highly knowledgeable counsel at rock bottom prices–our commitment is to you, the client. Once we have obtained legal service on your spouse or received a waiver of notice, we will file your and your witness’s Affidavits, and the Final Decree of Divorce with the Court, and forward you an official certified copy once it has been signed. Call or email us your questions. You will find in choosing our firm that you receive the individualized, highly professional and knowledgeable attention, at the low cost you deserve. Give us a try by contacting us without obligation–you will be glad you did.

Eligibility Requirements

You should consult one of our Attorneys to determine if you qualify for our uncontested divorce service. Among the minimum requirements are the following: You OR your spouse must be residents of Virginia at least 6 months immediately before filing your divorce papers with the court (see our FAQS page for special rules applicable to members of the military deployed or stationed outside of Virginia); AND You must have been intentionally separated without cohabitation for at least 6 months, have a signed property settlement agreement and no minor children; OR You must have been intentionally separated without cohabitation for at least 1 year and have no contested spouse or child support, child custody or division of property issues to litigate, or have resolved all such issues by a signed Property Settlement or Separation Agreement.

No Court Hearing

If you qualify for our service, you will not be required to attend any hearing. In the rare instance that you would not qualify for a Divorce by Affidavit, a brief hearing in our office or at another location is available by special arrangement. We are committed to providing you the best, most convenient, Virginia uncontested divorce service, and streamlining the procedure for our valued clients serving in the Military Service of the United States or overseas temporarily.

Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement (sometimes called a Property or Marital Settlement Agreement) is required for parties filing for a divorce based on a 6 month separation. Nothing in Virginia law requires an attorney draft this agreement; we have had a number of people draft their own. However, if you are dividing real estate, retirement funds, or needing to include child custody or child support, or spousal support, you may wish to have a lawyer draft this agreement for you. We will be glad to refer you to an attorney who can assist you with this agreement. “Separation” means living in separate homes, not under the same roof. It is our office policy not to file a divorce for persons still living under the same roof.


Costs included in our service: Court filing fees, and service by Sheriff or publication, if necessary (unlike some firms that charge extra these services). Depositions cost extra. You will be advised prior to executing a retainer of the exact cost without obligation and can decide at that time whether to engage our services. Additional costs for GALs and QDROs or Military Qualifying Orders. Free initial consultation offered only after the potential client has completed the information form or submitted the same information via phone or mail to the firm. The attorney cannot advise a potential client of matters particular to him or her without full knowledge of all property and personal information. The first half hour of the initial consultation shall be without charge; thereafter the attorney may charge for additional time at the attorney’s normal hourly fee, and in the attorney’s sole discretion.