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Divorce by Affidavit

After July 1, 2012 Virginia allows to streamline the divorce procedures to secure you a divorce more quickly, without the necessity of any hearing.  Virginia residents, including those in the military or overseas, can obtain an uncontested divorce without an oral hearing. Once your spouse signs the necessary Waiver of formal service of the Complaint, or is otherwise properly served, we can file your case-specific Affidavit, that of your witness and the Final Decree with the court.

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You are under NO OBLIGATION until such time as you sign a written contract and make a partial payment. Initiate the process with our firm by CONTACTING US with the information we require to process your divorce either ONLINE (via secure SSL encrypted form), by phone or in person to determine if you qualify and assist you in an expeditious manner.  With the information provided to us prior to your meeting with an attorney, you may in most cases sign your divorce complaint on the day of your appointment. Your case generally will be filed in the Fairfax County Circuit Court on the following business day. Your case can be filed in Fairfax as long as either you or your spouse meet the Virginia residence as well as other requirements discussed previously.

We generally file our divorces in Fairfax due to the efficient nature of that venue. Also, unlike many courts, Fairfax seems to retain its civil cases longer, meaning you will be able to obtain a copy of your divorce papers even years after the divorce is final. After filing, if your spouse is willing to sign a waiver of notice, we will send it to him/her. Once it has been returned to us, we will file the necessary Affidavits and Final Decree with the Court. If your spouse is unwilling to sign the Waiver, but his/her location is in Virginia, then we will have serve your spouse with the Complaint. If your spouse resides at an unknown location (and you are unable to locate him/her through the exercise of due diligence) or if he/she resides outside the state of Virginia, then we may satisfy the service requirement by publication.